Friday, November 19, 2010

Orgasmic T.V.

     Going by physical appearances alone, one can immediately tell that I love to eat and I love food. :D Staple channels on my viewing list are: The Food Network (especially Iron Chef America), Discovery Travel and Living (particularly No Reservations by Anthony Bourdain), and The Asian Food Channel (Chef Michael Smith's Chef at Home series). That alone would make me a candidate for a contestant on The Biggest Loser Asia, hahaha!!!

     Recently, I was delighted to come across The Food Network's The Best Thing I Ever Ate program (Saturdays 7pm, Lifestyle Network, Skycable) where they feature a particular food item, and different chefs and tv personalities name the restaurant where they ate what for them is the best reprsentation of the food item for the episode. They then seductively describe the food item as served by that particular restaurant, and that, ladies and gentlemen, gives you an hour of unadulterated, (dare I say it...) wholesome FOOD PORN!

     Ah! The colorful, tantalizing, and engaging descriptions provided by the "interviewees", the way the camera dances to get the best shot of the food, and the shop owner's how-to's are so hypnotic that you could see it in their eyes, the way their voice cracks sometimes and they have to pause to make sure they do not salivate on-cam... hehehe. It takes massive willpower for me not to go and raid the refrigirator and the pantry, or just get on the next plane to the U.S. just for a food trip!

     I promise you... this show is delectable, desirable, and delicious that you'll find yourself  licking your lips for good eats! It's a good reference point for the next foodie's food tour. Meantime, I have my pen and notebook ready, jotting down all these recommendations for good eats!

     Is it better than chocolate or sex? Watch it and decide for yourself!

©CherWriter 2010.11.19


  1. Best Thing I Ever Ate is one of my favorite shows as well and you're correct in referring to it as food porn! I drool endlessly when I watch this show and sometimes I ask myself why I torture myself this way considering I'm one who needs to lose weight, lol! I've thought of creating my own list and maybe writing about it. Want to create your own list too? ;-))

  2. That's a good idea! We can compare notes but I imagine being on the "drooling end" when we compare notes as good eats like those in the program are more accessible to you since you are stateside. :D What category shall we start with? :D



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