Tuesday, November 16, 2010

First Curve

     I love reading and getting lost in the pages of books. It is in the literary genre where I am most at home and comfortable. At 30-something, it's amusing to recall that during my younger years I was not even a wide reader. In fact, my school library cards hardly had anything written on them.

     I cannot exactly pinpoint where and when my love affair with literature began. I just love reading stories. Subconsciously, I could probably say that it was because my mom read to me as a child and I simply picked up the habit. Or, it may have been seeing my grandfather on his big armchair, pipe-in-mouth, magnifying glass in the other, reading away every afternoon in our lanai.

     However, I also think that no matter how much stimulus is given you, if something in you is not really receptive to it, you will not gravitate towards it or have any interest in it. Say for example, you come from a family of business people or a family of doctors. Why then would someone radically choose to be a painter or an art historian when most of the family are in the same field?

     We always say that a person's uniqueness is a gift. His own talents are a gift. A person's own identity lends its own unique flavor and quality to the gift he or she has been given.

     How wonderful it is then that life is like a great art gallery where there is always an exhibit of a person's work (or life). People who are in the same gallery space make up your own personal audience: adoring fan or scathing critic...  ;D

     With this blog, my work is on the written word.  I hope to find you out there who previously shared my gallery space. For other gallery patrons, welcome! I hope to make your acquaintance and friendship. :D

     Whether this blog will be the precursor to a book I hope to write someday,I do not know. It is my wish however that those of you who will follow me on this blog and like what you see and read on. A little stimulus in a corner of LIFE: THE GALLERY.

© CherWriter 2010.11.16

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