Saturday, November 27, 2010

Arrrgggghh!!!! (a.k.a. Rant #1)

     Hey! You!
     Yes, you! That's right! I am referring to you!

     I have been tolerant of your behavior, as you know, but I am getting to just about the end of my patience with you.

     I understand that stress can be lessened with a hobby or a profitable pastime, but this pastime of yours is getting to be a nuisance.

     Understand please the following:

  1. No man is an island. (Though with what you are doing, I would like to send you to one and keep you stranded there!)
  2. Silence is golden. (If I had actual gold coins at my disposal, I would have had movers transport you out and far away from here.)
  3. Good fences make good neighbors. (I would have had my house soundproofed and the fence raised if I was warned you would be this kind of neighbor.)
  4. Hark! The herald angels sing! (You more often bark than sing, and you are by far, most certainly, no angel!)
      Listen! Singing is a God-given talent and I know you appreciate this talent. But I wish you know by now that God had a purpose why He did not give it to you! I appreciate good singing and great talent, but sadly, you possess neither.

     I know that I am not a good singer also, but that is why I sing only at decibels only audible to myself or if the water coming out of the shower is strong enough to drown out any unpleasant ambient noise that might reach you.   Why? Other than the first reason stated, I believe that being a good neighbor not only means you have to be tolerant of your neighbors, but considerate of them also. Goodness! We have been tolerant enough. Could you please be more considerate of others?

     Singing from 8.00am until 11.30pm everyday, seven days a week with full microphone volume is just not done when you CANNOT even carry a tune. I would have no qualms about this if your voice was good enough that it was recorded and that recording was a multi-platinum selling album. Heck, even singers preserve their voices and keep long periods of silence.  Wait! Oh, yeah, this just cements the fact that you are MOST DEFINITELY NOT A SINGER! And you encourage your little posse every night to do the same too!

     If we were in the US they'd grow rich from the number of times they would've slapped you with a fine for disturbing the peace.

     Really, is peace and quiet too much to ask by 9:00pm so that your neighbors can get a good night's rest everyday?

     I wish God had given you a better ear for music so that you'd realize how tone deaf you and your cohorts really are. Maybe then, you would find another, ACTUAL GOD-GIVEN TALENT.

©CherWriter 2010.11.27

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