Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Great Generation Equalizer


     Technology has evolved at warp speed that it is getting harder and harder to think of a period in time when life had only the most basic and primitive tools available. From the time man wielded the first and crudest of tools up to today, man has molded the world to his liking.

     With the advent of computers, the world has become smaller and more compact. Travel has almost become instantaneous with the advent of social networking and has linked people from almost all points in the globe.

     Recently, my mom was introduced to social networking via Facebook. At 64, she has found a new way to reconnect with family and friends, and is enjoying it. To this end, the Internet is a blessing for the elderly who would have otherwise had to exert a considerable amount of effort and money to reconnect with friends and loved ones halfway around the world. With just a camera and a microphone, computer, and a phone line, grandkids can now see and hear grandparents and gain access to their loving wisdom while grandparents can now see their grandkids antics.

     Today's computer keyboards are also good for elderly hands. Not too much effort is needed to elicit a response from your friends in cyberspace. A simple click makes all the difference.

     The internet is a great equalizer among generations. Even though the warmth of a real hug and smile cannot be replaced, the Internet has bridged the physical breadth and boundaries of cities, towns, and continents to bring loved ones close enough to keep bonds strong and reinforced.

©CherWriter 2010.11.18

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