Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The New Year's Resolution Solution

     Well, it's been a little over a week into the new year. For those of you who've made New Year's resolutions, have you been keeping them so far?

     Personally, I no longer make new year's resolutions. To me, they just look good on paper, and nothing else. It is burdensome too in those times that I attempted to fulfill one. I successfully and spectacularly fail rather than fulfill those on things I repeatedly put on the list anyway! Hehehe!!!

     So, to do away with feelings of guilt, panic, anxiety, and foot-in-mouth disease (which is a very stressful way to start the year), I have resolved to just start the year with a prayer like this:

You know O Lord, that I want this year rockin',
Please grant me the things that were not stuffed in my Christmas stocking.
Like a 26-inch waist, nipped and tucked in the right place,
And soft smooth skin, with nary a wrinkle on my face.

To white hairs that peek ever so slyly on my crown,
I wish O Lord, they remember that they looked better growing brown.
My thighs and arms, look Lord, they are all at an excess,
The charity to donate it to, lead me, for You know who needs it best.

A good job that provides well, and keep the bills at bay,
A job with no stress arriving every passing day,
These O Lord I deign please provide,
That my health be good, and I be kept sound of mind.

But seriously, Lord, here is the real reason I start this year in prayer,
Knowing I cannot exist or do anything alone outside your care...
Please have it in Your heart to listen to this little list of wishes,
That in the year, we see them come to pass, and be left laughing in happy stitches...

Good health and safe voyage each and everyday,
O Lord, grand my loved ones night and day.
A hand filled to excess with blessings and riches,
Help me give away to those whose homes are made in ditches.

Help me discover more of myself as you made me to be,
With the help of new friends, and those old true and trusted by me.
With each day, teach me love, and teach me true prayer,
To praise Thee, with all that I am, now and forever.

 A happy heart, mind and joyful soul,
Free of sickness, debt and thoughts of coal,
All these I ask to prosper in my hands,
That when You account for it, I give you excess, and not any lack.

O Lord, your blessing of another year has come,
For us to think of what we have and have not done.
For all the blessings that I have received,
Thank you for these and those to come indeed!

©CherWriter 2011.01.11

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