Friday, December 3, 2010

ONNA: Woman's perspective

  This is the Japanese character for the word "woman." The Japanese word for woman is onna (pronounced "ohn-nah").

     I like this Japanese character as it effortlessly evokes femininity, and it isn't very hard to decipher what message the pictogram wishes to convey. In three simple strokes, it illustrates a woman:

  1. Kneeling, with arms crossed;
  2. Kneeling with a child in her arms;
  3. In meditation / prayer;
  4. Seated with a child;
  5. At a loom;
  6. Hunched as if attending to a sick person;
  7. Gracefully striking a dance position...

    There are definitely a myriad ways to interpret this pictogram, but underneath it all lies the fact that for generations past, and even today, a woman attending to any task displays grace, poise, and a genteel spirit that carries her through trials and tribulations, triumphs and trivialities.

    Her "soft" nature naturally complements her caring and nurturing spirit, but does not in any way limit her to such. As the world has proven, a woman's nurturing spirit is also the fountain from which generations have been sustained.

    Who can argue with a mother's protective instinct to do all in her power to preserve and protect her family? With what can compare a woman's passion in providing all that is necessary to ensure that her brood can face the world with confidence when they are hit with the harsh realities of life? Too often I have seen women rise up as a better version of themselves after having been dealt with an unfair hand by life.

    To women out there, single, married, or widowed, I salute you! To the men who have the privilege of knowing these exceptional women, take a good hard second look at the treasure you actually hold. Protect and value, love and reassure them always. Doing this not only assures you to be in their constant good graces, but you will soon see that the measure that you give to them is given back to you hundredfold without protest. Simply because a woman is so much more than the womb of man.

©CherWriter 2010.12.03

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Cherry! I love the way this Japanese character appears and your interpretations of the symbol are indeed very reflective and spot on. I'll practice writing this. It's a beautiful character indeed!



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